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Resolve - Resign

Updated: May 5, 2019

Once a friend said to me, “nice hole you’re digging there Pete”. it really pissed me off.

i knew only to well that he was referring to answer ever growing web of lies I had myself tangled in.

morally abhorred or simply perplexed as to why I would cause myself so much angst about my impending doom, was never really said by him.

it didn’t matter.

he saw me doing myself no good and said it perfectly. Dig holes to build ladders to get out of holes?

its stupid.

Build staircase! Blah blah.

wasted intelligence is one spent on solving problems of your own doing.

thats what I did.

i can’t say I was receptive but it rang in my ears long after the deluge.

he and I, though short with each other on occasion still carried out a strong, honest & compassionate friendship.

i valued what he gave me,

it was his duty to make that comment.

Now I don’t want to make a guide to living pamphlet and start a cult but recently I have encountered being on his side of the fence with a friend.

This friend is a little less receptive to the truth.

take it for granted that the damage being done is blatant and I’m treading softly softly, but for fucks sake, wake the fuck up!

i have no resolution as of yet and feel that this person will distances themselves to avoid the truth and ultimately wind up coming back with some chocolate hoping I forget the whole episode.

although I love chocolate, i'm not sold with a king size kit kat.

truth be told sometimes ya just gotta fuck em’ off.

“patience will be back in 5”.

theres probably a song in that.


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