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Phylo ONE

Alongside my own music, Iv'e been producing and writing with my housemate.

Hes into hip and so is my other housemate.

Its ok, there's a lot of shit out there and i keep hearing the same content about 'bitches, Hoes, baby mama's, and general financial improvement and the jealousy it seems to cause amongst friendship groups.

I feel that its a parody of itself but ive been constantly assured that, that is part of it laughing at itself.

I call bullshit on that. it doesnt really run true with the sense of humor ive felt here in LA.

People avoid offending each other at every turn which is courteous on one hand and very passive on the other.

thats neither her nor there.

Anyways I'm doing this thing with phylo and having heaps of fun.

Here is my dramatic interpretation of the project.

Also my brother and his partner now have a little baby girl!

this week looked like