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Just Apologise

Roommates, are people who arent your family, that you live with.

Maybe I can be a little heavy handed with my assessments of a situation, but this week I think I came to my tipping point.

This isnt to go into detail about the event but more to highlight the fragility of human relationships, the hilarity of a good old verbal stoush and the classic one liners you somehow either summon from nowhere or rehearse for an eternity only to stutter and stumble in the execution.

Well It's interesting to see a friendship of circumstance come to its end.

I don't need to say more than that, but it did make me think of a song a wrote a few years ago. They're not related at all really, perhaps only in thinking about something that used to be.

Morning Song

Am I better off alone

My friends, they’re don’t pick up the phone

You told them your side

No wonder they’re misinformed

I call them friends, you call them the spoils of war

You told me you’d headed out

You want to find yourself

That’s a novel thought

I could have found a reason to make you stay

But we’d just argue and you’d leave me anyway

Dream, you know I lost you there

You know I’m looking,

I need you now

If you slow up, I’ll meet you around the bend

I could use the walk, could talk about anything

I invited my dreams for tea

We lost contact after school and you married Louise

It didn’t last, in ten years you haven’t changed

You filled out, but who am I to complain

If you come back to me

You know, I learnt to cook and I’m not as mean

Got a job and I don’t work long weekends

Renamed the dog so you wouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed to call his name

And what of her?

If you come back to me,

You know I’m not as young

I go to bed a 5 just to beat the sun

I do the crossword but I’ve never finished one, if I did I’d buy a gun

In my die-ing hour

Would you take a call in your lovers room

Let me make believe, I could die your groom

It seems so strange

I’m tired of missing you

But it wasn’t meant to be

You know it was the way it was from the start

I could always remember, I’d break your heart in every scene

I’m replaying them

Over and over and over and over

Over and over and over and over