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December - broke again

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

It has taken place every year of my adult life.

Broke in December.

I usually don't mind so much, because it's the season of gift buying and over indulging.

But this year, I'm just broke.

This however is not all that bad.

I've been out just as much, I've been on two dates, and obtained new clothes and some music equipment, all without money.

Is someone else footing the bill..? No.

Its quite funny, that when you don't have money you don't spend it.

Every smoke is a gift, you go to the park because its free, and you dream up all the scandalous avenues you could take to make money.

Now its this imaginig, dreaming, and scheming that i love.

In between being broke, you dream of being not broke.

Its there as a holiday in your head from your current state.

I suppose as long as i can drift off to my daily holiday, i musnt be that broke at all.